Autumn leaves in Eldora

Changing seasons

As a skier, this is always an exciting time of year. My wife and I live in Eldora and the evenings are definitly getting cold now, temperatures in the 30s in the morning, requiring a long sleeve shirt, some long pants and some light gloves to keep the chill off. I try and get a good hike or run in every day with some strength, core and flexibility work this time of year so when ski season comes around I'm ready. I can't recommend some sort of dryland program enough - if you're fit and strong skiing is a lot more fun and your boots hurt a lot less. 

Things at the shop are a little nutty right now, but that's part of the fun. Boots are arriving by the droves, so it might look a little warehouse-like when you come and visit. We've always prided ourselves on being a workshop and not a fancy retail store, so the look kind of goes with that theme. 

We're also working on a new website which should make scheduling a bit easier and answer some basic questions that we've never taken the time to put out there. We're a lot better bootfitters than computer people, but we're catching up with the latter, thanks to help from our good friend Courtney who is helping us redesign this website. 

This blog will be about skiing and bootfitting, random musings or just information I'd like to get out there. Thanks for reading and hopefully this will be a nice addition to your day.

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