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Do I need to make an appointment?

Generally, yes. In these unprecedented times, it’s time to practice unprecedented kindness and patience. We want to help each and every one of you and this is best done on an appointment basis for the time being. There is a possibility of walk-ins, and as things calm down, this may become more possible, but it’s most likely all staff will be engaged with skiers who have appointments. Our priority is to help you have the best time possible while out on the mountain, and we want to have the time to do this right together.

What do I need to bring?

Feet, boots, ski socks, all clean and dry :) Even if you're buying new boots, it's very helpful for us to see what you have been skiing in. Also if you use supportive footbeds in your ski boots, bring those along. Take note of the binding you will be using - we’re in a time of change in the ski industry, and not all boot soles are compatible with bindings, particularly older ones. Something to eat/drink (there are several lovely places to eat/drink nearby) - ski boot work can be thirsty work, and nobody likes to make ski boot decisions while hangry! 

What can I expect to pay?

General Costs:

Boots are on average $700-$800, more or less for stiffer or softer flex (beginner boots are often more in the $500 range), or perhaps different features. If you buy a boot from us, we do adjustments for free that season, plus a discount on footbeds.

Boot Labour** 

  • Heat Mold: $75 + any additional materials
  • Punch: $40 per punch*
  • Grind: $40/ish per inch
  • Buckle Replace: $50 +parts
  • Booster Install: $60
  • Boot Heater Install: $60
  • Misc Work: $80/hr
  • Custom Footbed: $250 ($199 w/a boot purchased from us)
  • *Some plastics are harder to punch and will incur a surcharge
  • **All boot labour costs estimated and may be different upon completion

How long does a boot fitting take?

About 2 hrs for a new boots, 1 hr for adjustments. Due to our appointments, this is the time slot given, and for most people, the 2 hrs is enough time to walk through your needs as an individual skier, try several boots on, and make a decision. Some adjustments will need to be dropped off for a few days. Ultimately, it all depends on what we need to do, and what we can do, given your time frame 

We take one thing seriously here - ski boots (ok, and skiing in general) - and we want to help you, so we are honest with you and your boots. Getting the right boot and getting it dialed in takes some time. This could mean sending you to another ski shop to get the right boot, this could mean you leave your boots with us so that we can make the proper adjustments. This always means spending time in your boots - liners require that you ski in them for them to be comfortable, and the more you ski them, the happier you’ll be!

OK, this isn’t a question we get, but this can make everything more comfortable.

Look, I get it, skinni jeans are awesome - hi, this is Elaine, one of the owners of the shop 👋, and I love ‘em too. But sometimes our awesome lady skier calves are kinda muscly and it’s dang hard to pull those skinni jeans up high enough so they don’t interfere with the boot fit. So as much as we all love ‘em, leave ‘em home for the day of your fitting, or wear those awesome ones you’ve got with extra tencel in them for that lovely stretchy, over-the-skier-calf fit. And on the note of random thing that cause discomfort while wearing a ski boot, other things that don’t belong in that plastic shell along with just your foot and ski sock are ankle bracelets and toe rings. Leave the bling for the après! We’ll rock that dance floor in all our ski-boot-denied regalia together

I just have a quick repair - if I drop it off, how long will it take?

It depends. This may seem ambiguous, but it’s an unfortunate reality. What may seem simple can often spiral into a monstrous job. A buckle replacement can turn into four rivets that don’t drip out right, get stuck and turn into an hours long job, as an example. We try to offer our best guess as an overshoot of what we expect it to be, and then have your boot back quicker than anticipated. Generally in peak season (from Thanksgiving to President’s Day) we typically estimate this time frame as a week, and shoot for less. 

I have to come back in! Is this normal?

Short answer, yes. We will not sell a boot that we do not think is a good choice for your foot shape, your ability, and what you’re looking for out of your experience on snow. Keep in mind, this is often just a starting point. While we do try to get everything dialed in for your first day in a new pair of boots, a lot of times, you need to spend some time skiing in the boots before something appears, and before the liners really form nicely to your feet. So feel free to come back and hang out some more with us!

I don’t fit “X” brand, they’re too narrow/wide/etc

This completely USED TO BE the case. Most brands had a niche that they filled. One was narrow, one was wide, etc. Now, almost all brands have three different lasts, or the fit upon which their boots are fit: a narrow, medium, and higher volume fit, so these days, most brands have a shape that very well could work for your foot.

What brands do you sell?

We put a lot of thought into every boot that we bring into the shop, evaluating where each and every one fits in with our needs and your needs. This season our boot brands are: Atomic, Dynafit, Fischer, K2 (Full Tilt), Lange, Nordica, Rossignol, Roxa, Salomon, Scarpa, and Tecnica. Bindings: Salomon, Dynafit, and Marker, and Look is new for us this year! Some accessory brands are: Darn Tough, Hotronics (limited), and Thermic, plus some fun things like shoe horns, helpful boot remover tools, etc. All things that we hope will make your day on the slopes that much better!

I found this boot on the internet for cheaper! 

Short answer: we sell our boots for retail. We also have worked hard to learn as much as we can, and to provide you with a level of service that’s impossible to get on the internet. We’re gunna sit down with you in person, chat about what makes skiing so awesome for you, and really get to know you and your needs. Also, if you buy a boot from our shop, the initial fitting is done for free, as well as adjustments for that season, adjustments moving forward at a reduced rate, and footbeds made at a reduced cost, so there is a significant financial incentive (you could roughly expect this to be around $150 worth of labour for the very first season depending on adjustments that may be needed), as well as our shared knowledge and desire to really get you in the right boots for you. 

I’ve never skied before

One of most important thing about fitting boots is YOUR feedback. When you’ve never skied before, it can be challenging to express this, or even know what you’re looking for. Sometimes good to rent for your first season on snow and take lessons

This is my first pair of boots

Similar to the above answer, but also want to point out that your own pair of boots often will feel drastically different from a pair of rentals. As we learn to improve our stance, continue taking lessons, and most importantly, ski as much as we can, the boots will feel better and better. A pair of rental boots is like riding a fat bike on pavement - you can do it, but hop on a road bike and you'll feel a real difference. It'll be a learning curve, but put in the time and dedication, and it will be a worthwhile investment!

I hear you fit ski boots tight

We try to fit you appropriately. Did you know a random study was conducted on mountain, and found only 21% of skiers are in the proper fitting boot? We may drop you down a size, especially if you've been renting, or have improved as a skier since your last pair. But our end game is that we want you in a pair of boots that will last you, and we want you to be out there skiing happily and as long as you want!

Return Policy

We believe in getting you in the best possible boot for your foot and skiing style, therefore we want to work with you with your boots. If you are having any fit issues, please bring the boots in for additional adjustments. Adjustments are free for the season in which you bought your boots, and we of course will continue to adjust them as the seasons go on, at a reduced price as a thank you for supporting your local ski shop. Our goal is to keep you on the hill. 

Any NEW and UNUSED items may be returned to us for an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase. All items must be returned in their original packing and box, with original tags still attached, with the original Larry’s Bootfitting receipt.

Items that are returned after this 30 day window, or without a receipt will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Any approved returns may be credited at the current selling price, less a 25% restocking fee. 

Product Warranty

We are happy to assist in our manufacturers’ warranty evaluation process in regards to their guidelines and policies. Your item may qualify for warranty if it has a manufacturers defect. This does not include normal wear and tear, crashes, neglect, misuse, or abuse.

Items purchased from Larry’s Bootfitting within one year and falling within a company's guidelines will be shipped to the manufacturer for evaluation at no charge; fees may be applied if the product is over 1 year old and/or not purchased from Larry’s Bootfitting.

We ask that all items be clean when we receive them. Items will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturers’ discretion. 

We are happy to repair non-warranty items for a minimal fee. Things like broken buckles, ladders, power straps, or sole blocks are not considered warranty but can often be replaced within a timely fashion and for a reasonable cost.