Larry's Boot Fitting is Hiring!

Larry's Boot Fitting Team

Larry’s Boot Fitting is looking to hire full and part-time boot fitters for the 2023-24 season (and hopefully beyond) who want to learn the trade of ski boot fitting in a fun, lively environment at one of the last independent, non-corporate ski shops in the United States.

This is not another boring retail job. While we certainly sell boots, and good customer service is a must, you’ll be getting down-and-dirty learning the tricks of boot fitting including grinding, punching, heating plastics, making footbeds and much more. You’ll be learning a trade in a well-respected shop that you can take with you for the rest of your life. We’ve got a lot of experienced boot fitters on staff who will show you the ropes and get you up to speed quickly.

For this position, experience is great but not necessary. We’re looking for a passionate, experienced skier with good energy who is a problem solver, is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and gets along with the team. The main goal of the job is to get our customers out the door with ski boots they love, so that has to be your priority as well. We will train you everything you need to know, and probably more!

The job dates are from now to mid-April. The staff disperses in the summer to do a wide variety of activities, from working in lodges and fishing boats in Alaska, to teaching skiing in New Zealand, to thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail and everything in between. For an aspiring adventurer or explorer who needs employment but also needs months off at a time for major expeditions, it's a perfect position.

The work place environment at Larry’s is lively and fun. We’re a small family, and while every season brings a different dynamic depending on who is working there, there is guaranteed to be a lot of laughter and fun. Working here is kind of like working at the Seattle Fish Market - while we’re not tossing boots across the floor (usually), the energy is similar.

What’s In It For You?

  • Competitive wages with steady progression in pay as you gain experience. Tips are also common in the boot fitting world.
  • Opening at 12 pm to ensure staff gets to ski every day before work. Happy you = happy customers.
  • We don’t do individual sales bonuses as these breed competition among staff and that’s the last thing we want. We do however give bonuses for days you ski, including bumps in pay for 25 days, 50 days and 100 days. Alpine, tele, backcountry, nordic - it doesn't matter. We want you to take care of yourself so when you get to work you’re in the mindset to take care of the customer.
  • Midweek Eldora Ski Pass to get your before-work morning ski and skin in. Again, we want employees who want to ski…a lot.
  • Employee consignment to sell your old gear on the floor and have a little extra cash on hand. You keep 100% profit of the sale.
  • Bonus for finishing the season.
  • Ski and outdoor industry-wide deals and pro-forms to build your quivver!
  • A great resume builder. Larry's Boot Fitting is a respected, well-known shop in the industry. Generally speaking, having our shop on your resume makes finding a decent paying job in any mountain town around the world fairly straightforward. Food for thought if you're looking to move up to the mountains in the future.

Still here? Great! If interested, send a resume and a cover letter to

We look forward to hearing from you!