Patiently waiting (or not so patiently) for winter

Patiently waiting (or not so patiently) for winter

It's safe to say we're all ready for winter to show it's true colors. We've had a few starts and stops, but overall it's been a little too warm and dry for our liking.

One of the real highlights so far this season was a surprise opening day at Eldora on November 3. Eldora is not traditionally thought of as a player in the "first to open" contest, as that's reserved more for places like Arapaho Basin and Loveland. From the village below the ski area we could hear the snow guns blasting for much of the week before, so it was with surprise but not shock when we read the opening day announcement from Eldora.

The morning of the opening something special happened. A rainbow arced across the western sky in front on the Continental Divide, framing the ski area and creating a joyous atmosphere for all.  The rainbow was caused by the sun hitting crystals of snow blowing off the divide at just the right angle. Hopefully it's a harbinger for a great season ahead!

Things are rolling at the shop and we're reaching our peak time. If you're debating making an appointment, do it soon. Appointments are a couple weeks, but a couple weeks will snap past before you know it and we'll still have lots of great boots available when you get here.

If you have boot work, be aware that we're about a week out right now with shop work. Please plan ahead so there is no last-minute boot emergency before your holiday trip! 

Have a great day and do your snow dances!

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