It's been a slow start to the ski season this year in Colorado, with snow fall well below average. Nevertheless, there is skiing to be had out there, thanks in large part to snowmaking. Our local backyard mountain Eldora has done an exceptional job getting terrain open, and last I heard the little-mountain-that-could had more terrain open than any other resort in the state. A couple days ago Elaine and I managed to take some runs on the Indian Peaks lift, and the snow was consistent, edgeable and fun. We also had a fun day skiing in a very dense fog that made the whole mountain feel like some mystical land from Lord of the Rings.

When we arrived home tonight, a very light snowfall was beginning to fall on Eldora village. We're entering a snowy pattern, and while our neck of the woods isn't predicted to get a ton of snow, every little bit helps. The cold is good too, as it allows them to blow snow. The guns were echoing across the valley tonight, a welcome sound for any skier. 

At the shop, we've managed to open up a number of new boot appointments and as of this evening there is availability next week. We're still well stocked in boots and look forward to helping you get squared away for the season. 

My prediction - it's going to be a steadily improving winter that is going to end with more and more snow piling up. Might as well get booted up, because it's going to be a great season.

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