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Line Booties 2.0, Teal: XL

Line Booties 2.0, Teal: XL

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We love good fitting ski boots, but let's be honest, when the day is done, no matter how good your boots fit, it's great to take them off. There is nothing better to put on your feet after a hard day of smashing the slopes than a pair of these Line-branded, Intuition Booties. The comfort level of these things is hard to describe. Think a fluffy feather bed on your feet, a heavenly sensation that has to be experienced. They are practical too. A number of folks on our staff chop wood in these bad boys, and our shop owner used them as her after-skiing boot while crossing the Greenland icecap, so whatever you throw at them, they can handle. The 2.0 version are the high tops, and while we wouldn't recommend them for playing starting point guard for the Denver Nuggets, we absolutely think every skier should have pair in the car to start the perfect Apres evening. 

Mondo Sizing (because we do everything Mondo here):

XS: 22.5-24.5

Small: 25-26.5

Medium: 27-28.5

Large: 29-30.5

X-Large: 31-32.5

Believe it or not, you can heat mold these, so if you want a performance fit booty (and who doesn't want performance fit booty) you can size a half size smaller.

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