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Larry's Boot Fitting

New Boots

New Boots

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If you're looking to purchase new ski boots, this service is for you. You'll work with one of our bootfitters - or more likely a team of bootfitters - to find the perfect boot for your needs. We sell alpine, alpine touring, telemark and nordic backcountry ski boots.

The process will first involve a discussion about what type of skier you are, where you ski and how often, what your skiing aspirations are, what other sports you do and prior experiences with boots. If you have a short video of your skiing, bring it along. The more information you give us, the better.

After the interview, we'll measure your feet. For this, you'll want a pair of good fitting ski socks. This is a very important step to finding a proper fitting ski boot. Based on the measurements and the discussion your boot fitter will find a number of boots that might work. We'll generally put one boot on one foot and another boot on the other foot and have you spend some time in them standing and walking around. We'll always have a great ski movie playing, or if you'd prefer a shelf full of ski and adventure books to pass the time while your feet settle into the boots. It takes about ten minutes for boots to warm up and start to conform to your foot, so patience is key.

We'll repeat this procedure until we find the closest match. We'll have a discussion with you about footbeds, which cost extra but almost always ensure a better fit and better performance. After making footbeds - or not depending on what you want - we'll heat mold the boot to your foot. This process can be a bit uncomfortable, but it only lasts ten minutes and we do our best to distract you. Finally, you'll try the boot back on. Often the boots fit great right away, but sometimes we need to make adjustments. We'll make adjustments till everything is copacetic and you are ready to go skiing on them. Please see the FAQ section for "What happens after I buy the boot?"

There is a $50 deposit for the "New Boot Sale" service. The $50 will be applied to the purchase of a boot. If you decide not to buy a boot, we feel this is an appropriate amount for sharing our knowledge and experience. To cancel email Cancellations up to 24 hours before appointment we will be refunded the full $50 minus a $5 fee the scheduling website charges us per transaction. Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will not be refunded. There is no fee to change your appointment time.
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